• Pledges – Las Vegas is associated with the making of vows and contracts (weddings, gambling, business deals) as well as the breaking of them (adultery, cheating, betrayal, crime).
  • Separation – Sin City is where you get away from your life, where you go to flee your job, family, and obligations to revel in excess and indulgence. Often, the actions taken here jeopardize what’s been left behind, making it impossible to return.
  • Fate and Chance – As a city defined by its gambling industry, it is the embodiment of the role chance can take in changing a life, and wherever there is chance, people become obsessed with fate in the form of luck, karma, and what they are due.
  • The Alien – As a neighbor of Area 51, it also has a connection to the most pervasive modern myth paralleling the old stories of Faerie abduction.
  • The Immanent End – People used to sit on the rooftops of hotels to watch nuclear tests in the distant desert. The bomb and the fear of the Cold War that at any minute, it could all end is the same fear the Lost live with every day. The end of their lives, their freedom, and their sanity could come at any moment from the other side of the Hedge.


The mood of the game is one of desperation, hunger, and paranoia. The city offers a new life (or at least a pleasant alternative to life) and myriad distractions from the alien forces which at any moment could snatch you from your home and wipe your world away. It is a place to make your fortune or lost it, to choose between sin and virtue, to choose to commit or break your vows.

Second Chances

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