Back-Alley Sam

Alien Doctor


A four foot humanoid with smooth, dull gray skin, a large hairless head with completely black eyes, no eyebrows or lashes, and slender limbs and fingers. He wears an immaculate white lab coat over a silver-gray suit. His presence dispels shadows in the area, making the room of uniform brightness. His manner is relaxed and informal and his voice with soft, like a whisper but more like conversational volume. He is generally listening to something by Bowie.


Sam Callahan was a rambunctious teenager in rural Nevada with an interest in girls, football, and beer. One night, during a kegger in the desert to celebrate a football victory, Sam was abducted in full view of most of the attendees. This was 1977.

He can’t judge how long he was experimented on or how many surgeries he went through. In time, however, he was one of those doing the experiments and performing the surgery. He has nightmarish memories of what he was made to do to the people they abducted. He plotted his escape for years, but the complexity of the ship and its functions wouldn’t allow it. Then he met Dave, another captor who had been turned into a living computer, and convinced him to help. The two of them made it back to the world in 1991 after sabotaging the UFO and escaping during an abduction visit.

On their return, Sam discovered that his fetch was found after a week, wandering naked in the desert. The incident was written off as drinking at first, then more deliberate as his steady girlfriend turned up pregnant, despite his fetch’s protests of alien abduction. It was now divorced from the girlfriend with two children and a full-time UFO advocate. Sam knew there was no way for him to reclaim his old life, so he concentrated on forging a new one and putting his skills to good use for once, helping to make up for what he was forced to do in Faerie. He’s set himself up in a small one-room apartment and tends to the medical needs of the Lost for whatever donations they can afford. Sam is content in his role, though he’s lonely. His only friend is Dave, who still lacks much personality, though he’s on fairly good terms with just about everyone. He spends his spare time voraciously reading anything he can get his hands on, but wishes he had more of a social life.

Back-Alley Sam

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