Digital Dave

Human Computer


Dave is incredibly non-descript. Medium length brown hair, average height, average build, brown eyes, and dressed in a plain dark gray suit. His mantle is barely a hint of light in a nimbus around him that’s really only visible in the dark, like the glow from a monitor or TV screen. He is easy to ignore or overlook and his manner is flat, humorless, and non-aggressive.


David Marshall was a twenty-five year old IT professional living a normal life for a member of his generation. He wasn’t married or in a serious relationship, his tastes tended towards the nerdy, and he spent too much time watching TV and playing computer games. He came to Las Vegas for a training seminar and ended up in the desert near Area 51 with some drunk co-workers to take a picture near the famous site. His companions ended up leaving him there as a joke, intending to come back in a few minutes to get him, but couldn’t find him on their return. This was 1981.

Dave was abducted by the Grays and turned into a living computer, forced to process massive amounts of data endlessly for what seemed like an eternity. All vestiges of personality were subsumed by his work until he was forgot who he was. He would never have escaped if it weren’t for Sam, who was able to break through to him and convince him to leave. Dave’s now staggering intelligence (and attendant prescience) was pivotal in their escape. They returned to the world in 1991.

Without a fetch, Dave was simply a missing person and was able to recover his identity on his return. However, swamped by UFO enthusiasts, he hacked himself a new identity, took a telecommuting position with a local tech company, and never left his apartment, spending all of his time online. Sam provides regular social contact, but since it has gotten out that he can create fake IDs, he has the occasional visit from new Lost, some of whom grow fond of the odd man. Also, with the growth of social networking and rise of multi-player gaming, he has acquired a large following of friends online. He is becoming well-known for his brilliant posts on technology and nearly oracular predictions for its development.

Digital Dave

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