Bloodthirsty Killer


Fiona is a mousy, bespectacled woman in a conservative white blouse, long skirt, and white gloves (hiding bloodstained hands). She has short reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. Her body language is non-confrontational and she is preternaturally unobtrusive. That is, until she starts fighting, at which point she gains a foot of height, her hands start dripping blood, and her features contort into those of a bloodthirsty monster with sharpened teeth and blood-red eyes.


Human Life

Fiona Gray was a legal secretary prone to ill-advised love affairs with those she worked with. When an affair with a married partner at the age of 30 ended her employment spectacularly in Los Angeles, she came to Las Vegas with her savings and engaged in a spree of debauchery to make herself feel better. This summoned the Gate of Lust in the mirror on the back of her hotel room door and she was drawn through by the beauty of the Mistress of Cruelties. This was 1989.


Previously without lesbian inclinations, Fiona instantly fell in love with her mistress and found herself asked to do increasingly abhorrent things to gain a sign of affection. It was noticed that she had a talent for violence and so she traded public sexual humiliation for the arena, trained in sharp implements and set against creatures and other Lost. Lost in a haze of blood-fueled ecstasy, she nearly lost herself but for a brief and intense memory of her first night in Las Vegas, free of all obligations and looking out of her hotel window at the city at her feet. She longed for freedom again and in a flurry of violence, she fought her way to the Hedge and back to Sin City. Head to toe in blood and clutching her knives, she was found by Jack. It was 1996.

Changeling Life

Her confrontation with her fetch, who had stayed in Vegas and become an escort, was bloody. Finally able to grasp all that she had done, Fiona was nearly suicidal and it was only the support of Betty and Jack that got her through it. She had a genuine desire to redeem herself but quickly found that her old habits and desires were not gone and she felt empty and alone. She sought out a proxy for her mistress and found herself in the employ of Jane Starchild, who was happy to have the talented woman at her side and found something in her unbridled passion that she herself lacked and needed. They swore the Heart’s Oath after only a year together. Fiona feeds off of Jane’s sparse affections and is so eager to please her lover that she’d do anything for her.


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