Jane Starchild

Fallen Star


An androgynous, otherworldly beauty with pale luminescent skin that gives off motes of silvery light, completely black eyes with pinpricks of light for pupils, and long silver hair that reaches the back of her knees. She wears a monochrome black suit with diamond cufflinks and star pin. Her manner is detached and intense and her voice is ethereal.


Human Life

Jane Kristiansson was a flower child who came to Nevada with a busload of other hippies to partake of a spiritual journey in the desert. She was sixteen and it was 1968. They had driven down from San Francisco (she was originally from Wisconsin), through Death Valley, to the desert outside of Las Vegas. One night, lying naked beneath the stars and wondering at their beauty, a star began to grow brighter and brighter until she was lost in its light.


Timeless, cold, dark, and alone. Eventually her dreams of her life before were strong enough that she fell, burning, into the world. She made her way, bloody and broken, to Las Vegas.

Changeling Life

It was 1987 and her experience had changed her. She no longer had aspirations of spirituality and ideology, she craved experience and the material. She spent her first year reveling in her long-denied appetites. She worked for Lady Scarlet, gorged herself on fine food and drink, and indulged in any sensual experience she could find. It left her ultimately unfulfilled. She had lost something and nothing she found would fill the void it had left behind. The turning point was when she came across her fetch, an aging prostitute on the streets of Las Vegas seeking in her own way to fill the void she felt. Taking a long, hard look at herself, Jane decided that she needed a change.

Using some contacts she’d made working as an escort, she secured a job as a manager at a casino and quickly moved up through the ranks. By 1992, she had secured funding to open her own: the Starlight Casino. She found some meaning in building an empire and acquiring things she desired. She refined her tastes, becoming a patron of the arts, theater, and fine cuisine. Her life changed again in 1996 when Fiona returned to the world and fell in love with her. Fiona’s passion stirred something in her that she hadn’t felt since she was taken. They became lovers and partners, inseparable and oath-bound. Though somewhat contented, she still pursues wealth and power because it makes her feel safe and meaningful.

Jane Starchild

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