Jangling Jack

Homeless Sasquatch


A tall (6’10") humanoid covered in reddish-brown hair with an extended muzzle filled with sharp teeth, dark eyes covered by sunglasses, and a prominent brow. He wears a green flannel shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots and smells strongly of wet dog. He walks with a slightly hunched lope which disguises his height somewhat. He has a biker chain attached to his wallet which is the source of his nickname.


Marcus Hollenbrook was the idealistic son of a wealthy stock broker from New York who came west after college to get away from his family and find himself in the mountains and deserts of Nevada. He spent a lot of time hiking and mountain-climbing, taking considerable risks to test himself against the world. He went too far shortly after his twenty-fifth birthday in the winter of 1990 and was caught high in the mountains alone during an unseasonable blizzard. Exhausted and half-dead of exposure, he finally found a small cave that turned out to be an entrance to Faerie.

Endless snow-covered mountains and blinding sunlight are the last thing he remembers seeing before his sight was taken from him. He never remembers a Keeper, though he recalls the mountains and the winds whispering at times (though he isn’t sure that was real). He just tried to survive, using his other senses, learning to smell colors and hear shapes. He hunted, tearing animals apart with his bare hands in his desperate hunger, and fought things he couldn’t see but that sounded like people (or, at least, people-shaped things). He nearly forgot who he was completely by the time he smelled home and followed his nose.

He stumbled back into his life in the spring of 1994. No fetch had taken his place (either none was left or it died in the mountains) and his father had disinherited him before dying. He tried contacting members of his family, but his appearance and unexplained absence made reconciliations impossible, particularly since he had missed his father’s extended illness and death. With no money and no home, he ended up on the streets. Occasionally he accepts the charity of the Seelie Court or Halfway House, but something in his new nature drives him to wander in solitude. Also, he has a keen sense for the smell of Faerie and often is the first to find new arrivals.

He has a good rapport with Pops (whose nickname for him stuck) and The Thirsty Dog is one of the few places he can be seen socializing.

Jangling Jack

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