John Noir

Vampire Private Detective


A pale man of average height and build with uncombed brown hair and green eyes that leak darkness like ink into water. He wears a black leather trench coat over a rumpled white shirt and black slacks. He has a gun in a shoulder holster. His posture is poor and he always seems tired. He smells faintly of sex and, when he feeds, he draws the life from his victim in a crimson mist, like vaporized blood.


John Henrickson was born in 1935 to a casino pit boss and a show girl during the Hoover Dam construction years. His father was killed in the war and his mother ended up as the girlfriend of a minor mob hood, leaving him practically an orphan as she spent all of her time at the Flamingo. John finished out high school and considered becoming a cop but decided he wanted to be his own boss and became a private investigator. Doing work for suspicious spouses ended up causing him trouble as the charismatic young man found himself with a weakness for beautiful women and had a string of affairs with his clients (or their wives). After a dalliance with a rich, married woman in 1962 in an expensive penthouse, he saw his keeper through the full-length mirror in her bathroom during his shower. She coaxed him through and he found himself naked in a street in Sin City with his new dark mistress laughing at him. He was cast in chains by her servants and dragged to her waiting carriage.

His time in Faerie was a fever-dream of sexual indulgence and the slow draining of his life force until he was nearly dead, only to regain his strength in nightmare-plagued sleep in time for the next session. In the end, his Keeper bored of him and discarded him like rubbish onto the streets of Sin City, where he made his way slowly back to the world.

He found that two years had passed and that a doppleganger was still running out of his old office. Before he had a chance to figure out what to do, his double disappeared and he moved back into his old life and tried to pick up the pieces as much as possible. He has made a point of always helping Lost who need his services and is widely considered very trustworthy.

John Noir

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