Lady Scarlet

Ophidian Madame


A tall, curvy woman covered in scarlet scales with mid-length black hair worn loose, slitted golden eyes, and a forked tongue. She wears a full length black kimono decorated with the moon and night sky in silver and white. Her voice is soft and slightly sibilant and her manner distinctly sexual. Darkness follows her where she goes, making any room she’s in full of shadows.


Aiko Sato was the step-daughter of a Japanese businessman who molested her since puberty. She was both ashamed and pleased with the arrangement and soon began to accompany him on his travels abroad. On a business trip to Las Vegas in 1981, when she was fifteen, he returned drunk with several colleagues to his hotel room and offering her to them. She complied out of love and shameful lust and the scene of debauchery opened a gate in a mirror and her Keeper took her away to Sin City.

Her memories of her time in Faerie are a blur of drinking, sex, violence, and dancing. She isn’t sure how she acquired her seeming, but often has vivid dreams of having sex with a nest of snakes. She isn’t entirely sure how she returned to the world except that she found herself naked in a room at one of the brothels outside of Las Vegas.

It was only 1983 when she returned, though she’d aged close to ten years. Her father and her fetch had returned to Japan, so she was forced to rely on the kindness of Fat Betty while finding a means to support herself. Their concern for how she was found didn’t endear them to her and she quickly spurned their company and found work as a prostitute on the street. She proved very successful and, with the help of Dame Anastasia, quickly graduated to escort and, finally, manager of her own escort service. Half out of spite, she began to mirror Betty’s efforts at helping new arrivals by taking them in and convincing them to work in the sex trade to get back on their feet. She recruited several other Lost in this way and earned the enmity of many of the Lost. She is also notable for not thinking poorly of her durance. Scarlet enjoys what she does and the reaction it gets from people and never hides what she is.

Lady Scarlet

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