Lucky Kate

Goblin Card-Shark


A short (4’9"), wizened woman with unkempt short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She looks old, with twisted fingers and deeply wrinkled skin tattooed with the tarot deck, but has the agility and keenness of a young woman. She smells of expensive tobacco and has a deep, gravelly voice. She wears silk blouses of cool pastel colors and prefers slacks, never wearing skirts, and comfortable shoes. She is constantly smoking. Her hands are constantly in shadow, regardless of the lighting.


Kate was a professional gambler, just like her father, and knew every way to cheat, finagle, or con a game. She made a good living at it, her natural charm and good looks allowing her to pull off tricks her father could not. However, when one of her marks summoned Mr. Fortune for her in 1991, the winning streak was at an end.

She has no idea how long her durance was, but remembers each game she played with crystal clarity, the details burned upon her mind. Fortune sold her to a harsh taskmaster who beat her every time she cheated, broke her fingers when she lost, and denied her sleep, food, or any moment’s peace until she mastered the games she was taught. She learned games she couldn’t have imagined before, played with cards, dice, stones, carved pieces, teeth, bones, anything imaginable. When she mastered one, she was switched to another. She found that she loved it. The thrill, the intensity, the freedom of playing. She won her freedom in a poker game played with a tarot deck, walking away with not just her freedom but her old life. On her way into Sin City, she passed her fetch going the other way, out into the desert to die. It was 1996.

Kate set herself up quickly, winning games through skill, magic, and cheating (to spite her master and tempt fate). Night after night, she set up her high-stakes games and bested the best the city had to offer. Most of her games are in her private suite at the Bellagio, invite-only and carefully secret lest the casino catch on. She doesn’t have a lot to do with the rest of the Lost but considers John Noir a friend. She is often accused of preying on mortals because she gambled for their identities and sells them to Lost who need them.

Lucky Kate

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