Marv Minotaur

Minotaur for Hire


A large, muscular white man with a black-furred bull’s head and red eyes. Dressed in a wife-beater t-shirt, jeans, and heavy boots. Smells strongly of beer and animal musk.


Human Life

“K.O.” Larry Liebowitz was a boxer whose heyday in the 70s had come to an end when he was approached by the mob to throw a fight in 1983. Running out of money due to a propensity for women, drinking, and gambling, he agreed. One of the people who lost money on the fight invoked the Devil, who came for Larry the next day.


He remembers very little about his time as a gladiator in his maze-like arena. He remembers fights, sex, a lot of drinking, and then a lot of stuff that just doesn’t make any sense. He doesn’t even remember how he escaped. His first memory is his dick in the blowjob tent. When he stumbled out into Las Vegas, it was 1995.

Changeling Life

The first Lost he met was Rooftop Charlie, owing to his exit on top of a building, and the comic book reading Beast dubbed him Marv, after the character in Sin City, which was appropriate since he had trouble recalling his real name. Eventually he was able to figure it out, with help from John Noir. He tracked down his fetch and beat him to death for fucking his wife (whom the fetch had divorced five years previously), then took his life back and became muscle-for-hire. He’s in love with Annie Axe, but won’t admit it and thinks she isn’t interested. He spends his spare time drinking at The Thirsty Dog, hanging out at the gym, and working on his car (a Pontiac Trans Am, because of Smokey and the Bandit).

Marv Minotaur

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