Ophelia the Corpse Child

Living Dead Girl


A twelve year old girl with long, straight black hair; pale, almost colorless, gray eyes; and sallow skin. She always appears sad and is barely there, translucent almost to the point of transparency. She wears an ankle-length white nightgown and no shoes.


Ophelia doesn’t remember anything about her life before except for the grave of what she presumes is her mother in Woodlawn Cemetery, Katherine Connolly (Mother and Wife, 1923-1944). Sometimes she has a nightmare about being unable to wake up a dark-haired woman and catching sight of a figure staring at her from the mirror over her vanity.

All she remembers of her time in Faerie was the fields of the dead. She wasn’t sure why she was there, but she wandered among the corpses, listening to their whispers and comforting them. She remembers being very hungry, cold, and tired but unable to rest. Then she came across The Cannibal gorging himself in a mass open grave and she talked to him, which seemed to startle him. After countless long hours of conversation, the massive ogre picked her up and walked into the Hedge. He killed anything that got in their path. It was a long trek but they finally made it back to Las Vegas. It was 1964.

The Cannibal took her to the cemetery where she made her peace with the grave that was her only memory. Then they opened a door in a nearby mausoleum and made their home. They were nearly overlooked by the local Lost for a year before The Cannibal was noticed. Since then, she has quietly lived her life surrounded by corpses, attending funerals, and lurking in the cemetery talking to ghosts. When she is needed, she is available to any Lost who can abide her presence and she never hesitates to help those who have gotten into trouble.

Ophelia the Corpse Child

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