The Iron Knight

Crusading Princess


Beautiful dark-haired, dark-eyed, dark-skinned woman with a severely athletic build. She wears mail under a long white linen duster. Her waist length hair is pulled back in an intricate braid. She wears a severe expression with an intensity bordering on crazy. She is generally in possession of at least one pistol and good-sized hunting knife. She smells strongly of saffron and the air around her is hot and dry.


Crystal Thomas was outstanding in every way. She was smart, beautiful, and a star athlete. In 2004, at the age of eighteen, she was looking at a full athletic scholarship in track and field to an Ivy League University and a bright future. Unfortunately, the Prince of Sands took an interest in her and stole her away to become a part of his harem.

The Prince had no interest in her keen mind and his interest in her athletic ability extended no further than her ability to please him. No, it was her beauty alone which intrigued him and so she was no more than an object of desire, another gorgeous specimen to add to his collection. She balked and he punished her and she fought harder. It was her intelligence and strength that finally allowed her to escape back to the world. It had seemed she’d been away only a year, but when she arrived home it was 2011.

Her fetch, she discovered, was beautiful but vacuous and lazy, a creature of the senses, reflecting the bias of her Keeper. Bloody murder ensued with the body left to rot in the desert. Her future squandered and lost, she turned to those who had shared her experiences. She joined the Seelie Court, less out of a desire for companionship and security, and more out of a need to fight those who had taken everything from her. She hates everything about the Others, even their influence on Changelings. Those she feels are becoming like their Keepers are subject to her scrutiny and, if they cross lines, her brutal intervention. She’s become the leader of the militant arm of the Seelie Court, ready to punish or even kill those who use their Faerie gifts to take advantage of or harm regular people.

The Iron Knight

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