Dame Anastasia

Irresistable Dominatrix


Tall, elegant, and poised with pale skin, long dark hair in an intricate braid to the small of her back, gray eyes, and a full, generous figure. When working, she dresses in the usual black leather and latex (if that is required), but prefers tight black pants, loose dove gray blouses gathered at the cuffs, and high riding boots. Her voice has a hypnotically sultry quality and she smells of roses and honey.


Human Life

Allegra Cartwright was a feminist college student in the late 60s at Berkeley with radical views on sexual freedom and an interest in the sex trade. She decided to drop out of school and move to Las Vegas to work as a prostitute on one of the ranches and this is just what she did. It wasn’t exactly what she expected and she learned a lot about herself and her ideals, but she found she enjoyed it, nonetheless. She had worked there for a year when she was visited by a man of exceptional beauty who purchased her services for an entire night. Afterward, she could not stop thinking of him. He dominated her dreams, showing her far-off places that he promised to take her if she conceded to go with him. Her dream life began to dominate her waking life until she lost all sense of what was real and allowed herself to walk with him into the beautiful desert. This was 1968 and she was twenty-one.


For what seemed an eternity, she traveled with the Prince of Sands and found that her ideals withered in his presence. She did whatever he said, tended to his every need, and enjoyed his power over her. Again, she learned a lot about herself, but even through she liked it, she rebelled and sought a means to escape. In the end, it was as simple as gathering the will to walk away. She left through the front door of his palace and returned to the city in 1976.

Changeling Life

On her return to the world, she was horrified to discover about her fetch. It was still in the sex trade, but working now as a paid escort. She arranged to meet it, not sure what she intended, but her hand was forced when it attacked her. She ended up killing it, which horrified her even more, but took the opportunity to take her life back. It was difficult and she accomplished it only by starting over, leaving her agency and starting up as a dominatrix instead with a new clientele, using what she’d learned about the dynamics of power and need. It is work she enjoys. She thinks of Lady Scarlet as her protege, but disapproves of a lot of her methods, particularly concerning new Lost and is one of the few people who knows about her life before abduction. She has an unrequited love for John Noir, whose almost neurotic fear of being close to a woman keeps them apart.

Dame Anastasia

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