One-Eyed Goblin Barkeep


A short, twisted-looking man with deep oak-brown skin and beady black eyes peeking out under short gray hair. His ears and nose are a bit more pointy than they should be. He wears a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, and heavy boots. He smells of hops and his voice has the hoarseness of a career smoker.


Human Life

Cale Marshall was an Air Force technician with a wild streak who was stationed in West Berlin in the early 60s where he spent a lot of time partying and getting into trouble. His discipline issues led to him being transferred back to the States in 1964, to Nellis Air Force Base. Within a couple months, he’d fallen in love with a waitress and was engaged. He was taken some time during his drunken bachelor party early in 1965, though he can’t remember the exact circumstances.


When he sobered up, he found himself in the service of fairy brewers, a bitter and brutal lot who taught him the arts of brewery at the end of a knotted stick. Around him, the sounds of a constant orgy of excess went on while he toiled beneath, working on the elixirs, wines, and brews that they would indulge in. The entire time he was there, he plotted his escape with the image of his beautiful fiance waiting at the altar driving him. It seemed like years, but finally he was able to escape home on his second attempt, after the first cost him his eye.

Changeling Life

He returned to find that it was only three months later. His fetch had married his fiance but had subsequently managed to get himself dishonorably discharged after a month in the brig for a fight after returning to the base. After learning this, he ambushed and beat it to death. Trying to return to his life proved unsuccessful, between the poor treatment at the hands of his fetch and his own shift in personality, his new wife left him only a few months later. It was only the support of the Seelie Court that helped him get through this period without sinking into despair. He was encouraged to pursue a passing idea he came up with of opening a bar to act as a gathering place for the members of the Court. He’s become their curmudgeonly old patriarch, one of its more conservative and judgmental members who often criticizes the monarch for not being active enough in countering the Unseelie’s excesses.


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