The Cannibal

Cannibalistic Serial Killer


A huge (7’6"), morbidly obese (1000lbs) man with a huge, sharp-toothed lantern jaw. His skin is the unhealthy gray of corpses, his hair is long, black, and greasy, and his eyes are black under a protruding brow. He wears a long patchwork leather coat with no shirt, charcoal gray sweatpants, and work boots. He smells of blood, freshly dug earth, and old sweat. Darkness seems to exude from his pores like a miasma.


Jonas doesn’t like to think about his old life. He remembers cold and hunger and death. He sometimes has nightmares of the mountains, which terrify him. If he forces himself to remember, he recalls whispers from the snowstorm telling him to kill and eat his companions, that it was the only way to get rid of the hunger. He recalls the blood and the sound of joints separating under his hands and his hatchet.

He escaped early on from the freezing mountain domain of his Keeper (the same creature that took Jangling Jack) but couldn’t bring himself to return home. Instead, he wandered Faerie until he found a field of endless corpses where he could sate the hunger he couldn’t rid himself of. It were here that he met Ophelia and, after a long conversation with her, realized that he could be a man again. He took her and returned to the world, brutally killing anything that tried to stop them. Her faith in him kept him strong.

When they returned home in 1964, he tracked down his fetch in a nursing home near Carson City, abducted and ate him with Ophelia present. It didn’t restore his humanity, as he hoped, but it formed a bond between them that has allowed him to sustain his meager level of sanity. When the Lost discovered them a year after their arrival, he was nearly forced from the city. Only Ophelia’s reassurances calmed them. Since then, The Cannibal has acted as Ophelia’s protector. He has a job as a grave-digger to support them and steals corpses to feed his hunger until it grows too strong, at which point he hunts and eats one of the homeless in the storm drains. Among the hardcore homeless, he is spoken of in hushed whispers and it is they who gave him his name.

The Cannibal

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